Factors to Consider When Buying Baptistries


When buying baptistries, there are many factors to consider. First, consider how the baptistry will be used. For example, if your church is growing, you may need to purchase a larger baptistry. Also, consider the style of the building.
The next factor to consider is where the baptistry will be placed. Some baptistries are permanent and need to be installed in the church building, while portable baptistries are easily moved. Many churches roll them out in front of the stage or on the ground floor, while some are placed outside. Check out this page to get a variety of church crosses options. 
While most baptistries are rectangular, they can be custom built to fit a variety of sizes and shapes. Typically, a custom-built baptistry requires a higher manufacturing cost, and can take a longer time to produce. A standard fiberglass model, on the other hand, can be cheaper since they use pre-existing molds.
Portable baptistries are convenient for churches with limited space to install a full-sized baptistry. They can also be used in facilities without permanent baptistries. Some portable baptistries are constructed with a wood frame, which allows for customization of the exterior finish. You can even have skirting or wooden panels installed on them. You can also choose portable units with wood cabinets that double as a communion table or an altar.
When buying a baptistry, consider the number of people you'll be baptizing. Some models are small enough for one person, while larger ones accommodate multiple people and allow the preacher to stand inside. The larger the baptistry, the longer it will take to heat the water.
Another factor to consider when buying a baptismal pool is the safety and ease of transportation. Make sure your baptistry is safe for children as well as adults. The baptistry should be sturdy enough to support up to 1500 lbs. The platform must be sturdy enough to move the baptistry from one place to another.
Purchasing a portable baptistry may be a practical option for smaller churches. Portable baptistries come with an oak or plywood cabinet and optional accessory tops. Some of these portable baptistries also double as a communion table or an altar, making them a versatile option. Find out more details in relation to this topic here: https://www.britannica.com/topic/cross-religious-symbol.
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